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This interactive app helps persons affected to deal more calmly with their subjective tinnitus. The aim is to reduce the stress caused by the diagnosis of tinnitus and at the same time to increase the quality of life.

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Meine Tinnitus App gives users tools and strategies to better cope with their tinnitus and its consequences (for example stress or sleep disorders).

In various lessons, they receive extensive background information about their tinnitus condition, learn exercises to reduce the burden of tinnitus and thus increase their quality of life. They get an individual plan put together that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Advantages of Meine Tinnitus App

Tinnitus-related symptoms such as sleep disorders, hearing problems, emotional stress and concentration deficits are reduced through various exercises.

Users of the Meine Tinnitus App can complete each lesson at their own pace, as they can pause at any time and continue at a later time.

Also good to know: App on prescription – if this digital health app is prescribed, the statutory health insurance covers all costs in full. There are no costs for the users themselves for using the app.

How do I get the app?

There are different ways for people to obtain the Digital Health Application (DiGA):

  • via the doctor

    On the one hand, doctors can prescribe the DiGA in a similar way to other aids/medicines (“app on prescription”). Patients can then submit the prescription for the app to their statutory health insurance.

    After verification, the insurance company generates an activation code for patients, which they can use to activate the app with all its functions, which is available in the AppStore and PlayStore.

  • independently

    Patients with a diagnosis of tinnitus can also apply directly to their health insurance company for an activation code for the app.

Product information

The target group of DiGA are patients with subjective tinnitus (tinnitus aurium; ICD code: H.93.1).

You can download the user manual for the app here and via the button below.

The legal manufacturer is BAYOOCARE GmbH. The DiGA is a medical device of risk class I.

Meine Tinnitus App is operated for: Sonormed GmbH, Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg, Germany.

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